Human Resource and Infrastructure

ABSSS has a total of 95 professional and permanent staff members at the head office in Chitrakoot and the field/project co-ordination offices in Manikpur, Bargarh and Majhgavan. Of these 10 are senior management staff drawn from humanities, social work and finance backgrounds. The others include 19 middle management staff, 21 community organisers and social animators, 10 village level workers and 30 teachers. Out of the total 95 staff members, 30 per cent are women and 47 per cent belong to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Some of the staff members are also placed with CBOs and people's organisations in Lalitpur, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Banda and Chitrakoot districts.

Further, ABSSS is intensively working in close association with seven partner organisations (CBOs and activist groups) spread across Bundelkhand. Human resources from these CBOs are also drawn upon for specific support such as training, advocacy, preparation of information, dissemination of materials and any other activity that requires collective effort.

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Leadership of the Organisation

As the voices of hitherto excluded groups of people begin to be heard, society lacks mechanisms to channelise them into constructive and transformative engagements. Effective citizen’s associations and visionary leadership at the grassroots can play a meaningful and constructive role in this context. 

The poor and marginalised in Bundelkhand region are faced with limited and inadequate opportunities to participate in the socio-economic and political processes. Lack of respect for their human dignity, abuse of their human rights, their lack of access to information and government resources have further increased their vulnerability.

ABSSS's experience reinforces the notion of small, local and informal associations and their alliances playing a key role in policy reform and implementation from the vantage point of the poor.


ABSSS has its own office and training campus at Chitrakoot spread over an area of 2.5 acres. The two training halls can be utilised to provide boarding and lodging facilities for 200 people.  The office and the training centre are equipped with full-fledged communication facilities (computers, telephone, fax, etc.). The organisation also has a total of nine vehicles (1 jeep, 1 car and 13 two-wheelers). ABSSS has three branch offices at Manikpur, Bargharh, and Majhgawan with basic facilities.


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