PAHRUAA - An Initiative


To advocate and address the issues related to social justice, livelihood and dignity among the dalits and tribals, thus facilitating them to realise their rights, equity, entitlements and empowerment


  • To set up a Regional Advocacy Resource Centre for influencing policies and advocacy related to human rights, entitlement and development issues
  • To strengthen the community based organisations, people’s organisations and social activists for empowering the community to become aware of their rights, seeking justice and access entitlements through appropriate measures in Bundelkhand region
  • To build capacities of social activists, people’s organisations and community based organisations as para legal workers, building their perspective, skills, awareness about the right and entitlement of dalits and tribals

Target Group

The target group includes tribals, dalits, women, landless labourers and mine workers They are the most deprived, marginalised and exploited groups of Bundelkhand region. Their perpetual victimisation and harassment by influential people has rendered them submissive and without the means to fight for their own rights.

Coverage Area

Sl. District Block Gram Panchayats Hamlets Target Families Target Population
1 Lalitpur Jakhora 10 08 937 5,715
2 Banda Tindwari 10 03 1,015 5,005
3 Jhansi Badagaon 09 26 2,971 14,856
4 Chitrakoot Bargarh 10 42 1,276 6,380
5 Chitrakoot Manikpur 10 50 1,600 7,000
6 Allahabad Shankargarh 10 40 3,560 17,900
Total 05 06 59 169 11359 56,856


Cordaid, The Netherlands


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