Akhil Bharatiya Samaj Sewa Sansthan

ABSSS Speciality

ABSSS specialises in the following:

  • People’s organisation building and advocacy
  • Teachers, teaching with human awakening
  • Education and training
  • Workers’ development
  • Soil conservation
  • Continued plantation of water retaining trees like banyan, peepal, mahua, neem, mango, etc.
  • Water management and conservation
  • Cow-based natural agriculture
  • Linking chain with chain
  • Traditional healthy body knowledge
  • Protection and promotion of traditional songs and dance
  • Encouragement to rural singers and instrumentalists

We solicit your support in this pious, relevant and true movement of the organisation. Our dharma and karma (religion and action) is proper use of your support. Test us and we will give you results.

Bundelkhand Info

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