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BRPAI ABSSS Annual Progress Report: April 2013 to March 2014

SDTT has embarked on a Bundelkhand Initiative to address poverty and inequity in the region through multi-sectoral civil society projects based on a clear strategy. The Initiative is being rolled out through projects in two contiguous districts: Lalitpur in UP and Tikamgarh in MP.

Under the initiative, ABSSS, headquartered in Chitrakoot, UP, is running a Project, entitled Bundelkhand Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (BRPAP), in 40 villages of Tikamgarh block of Tikamgarh district.

Of the 40 villages, 20 villages are selected for core intervention, while the remaining 20 are extension villages. The duration of the Project is 3 years.

The major activities of the Project are:

  • Establishing community based organizations (CBOs) on common platform with focus on women
  • Watershed development
  • Agriculture development
  • Horticulture, forestation, other new livelihood opportunities
  • Improve livestock productivity
  • Build target group capacity to claim entitlements
  • Capacity building of NGO and community

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