• Civil Society and Governance

    Civil Society and Governance

    Interface between civl society and governance in India is somewhat different from countries which share a different political, economic and social context. This book by Dr Rajesh Tandon and Dr Ranita Mohanty of Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi, seeks to explore this interface in a context where democracy has travelled some…

  • Alternative Planning

    Alternative Planning

    Bharat Dogra, Vansh and ABSSS Activists have come out with an alternative plan for sustainable livelihood in Bundelkhand, blessed with adequate water resources, good farmland and rich mineral wealth, but cursed by deprivation of the people in general.

  • Grow More Food, But Grow It On the Land of the Poorest

    Grow More Food, But Grow It On the Land of the Poorest

    By eminent journalist and social activist Bharat Dogra in Food Security in India: Alternative Policies and People’s Initiatives, published by the author

  • Land Distribution for Kol Tribals in Uttar Pradesh

    Land Distribution for Kol Tribals in Uttar Pradesh

    This case study deals with the programme of distribution of land pattas (titles) to Kol tribals in Chitrakoot district of southern Uttar Pradesh. By Prof. BK Joshi, Shachindra Sharma and Vasudev, published in Does Civil Society Matter? Governance in Contemporary India, Editors Rajesh Tandon and Ranjana Mohanty, SAGE Publications

  • In the Badlands of Banda

    In the Badlands of Banda

    By Jeremy Seabrook, In Notes From Another India, Pluto Press, 345, Archway Road, London N6 5AA. This is a journey through an India rarely seen by the visitors. Part-travel writing and part-reportage, this case study is about positive intiatitives taken by the people’s movements and grassroots organisations.