In 2018, the Government of Uttar Pradesh, WaterAid India and the people of Banda district in Uttar Pradesh came together to solve the acute water crisis. Reports claim that 71% of the wells recorded a fall in groundwater level in Banda in recent times. Here is how the campaign, Bhujal Badhao Peyjal Bachao (increase groundwater, save drinking water) resulted in the possibility of collection and storage of water, thus addressing the alarming water crisis in the district.

Bundelkhand is a cultural and agro-ecological region which includes several district of southern Uttar Pradesh & northern Madhya Pradesh. Today this largely agrarian region is facing enormous problems of crushing poverty and lawlessness. According to the Sharma Committee , all district of Bundelkhand except Jhansi rank among the 100 most backward district of India. The falling quantity and increasingly erratic nature of rainfall over the past decade has exacerbated these problems.. Driven by issues of marginal landholdings and falling productivity, 5070% of households in these district have migrating to towns annually or permanently.

A local girl Preetu Mishra is reguarly running Yoga class at Bargarh in Chitrakoot district.

Poor tribal families in Bargarh area of Chitrakoot district start grain bank with mutual cooperation