Capacity building of a village group

This involves strengthening individuals, community based organisations (CBOs) and networks to act as catalysts and pressure groups and strengthening local cadres and volunteers to identify and find solutions to address local problems effectively. Communities are being organised through a process of building community institutions and giving them a collective voice to lobby for their rights and entitlements.

The process to federate the CBOs at block, district and regional levels is underway to enhance their networking power and to influence government policy to make it more progressive and sensitive to the needs of the marginalised. Linkages among government officials and departments, panchayati raj institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other civil society organisations are being strengthened.

Strengthening civil society has ensured that the community has got the benefit of schemes such as Antyodaya, Annapurna, midday meal, widow/old age/handicap pension, etc, through the intervention of the panchayat.