A Dalit family with its goats

ABSSS’s priority is material improvements in the lives of tribals and dalits such as providing for a minimum livelihood, opportunities for culturally sound education, providing for basic health support, and improvement in the environment. The availability and sustainability of such outcomes is possible only through expanding people’s self-awareness of themselves as citizens with responsibilities as well as rights.

Women’s equality and empowerment to ensure women’s rights to productive resources and dignified livelihood, campaign for women’s rights and human rights with specific focus on her right to health, education, property, etc.

ABSSS believes in capacity building of civil society organisations (CSOs) and local leadership for creating sensitive and reflective cadres. Continuous awareness creation and systematic capacity building interventions are carried out among tribals and dalits on human rights, land entitlements, use of productive land resources, land resource for food security, and sustainable agriculture. It also wants to focus on cadre building in terms of barefoot lawyers, human rights activists and agriculture technicians.

ABSSS recognises that a rights-based approach and achieving policy change is a long term process which requires a coordinated programme approach, advocacy, lobbying and networking.