The BRPAM project, supported by JTT, is being implemented by ABSSS in 40 villages of 20 panchayats of Tikamgarh block of Tikamgarh district, MP. Of these 40 villages, 20 contiguous villages of 14 panchayats are selected for intensive intervention. While a baseline study of the project area households (HHs) has already been done, this report describes information obtained from an in-depth study of 100 sample HHs. The in-depth study covered the following:

  • Demographics
  • Landholding
  • Livestock holding
  • Sources of income
  • Living standards
  • Agriculture equipment owned
  • Food security status
  • Annual HH expenditure for different purposes
  • Sources and quantum of loans taken, and purposes of loan
  • Awareness of good agriculture practices
  • Access to government schemes
  • Women’s participation in decision-making
  • Work done by women


The information was gathered through a survey conducted with the help of a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire was administered through focused group discussions in each village in May-June 2012. Data was then validated, corrected and analysed. Some HHs were revisited for validating/correcting data.


The survey covered 100 HHs of 22 villages/hamlets, including 20 that fall under the Project’s intensive-intervention area. The distribution of HHs per village/hamlet was such that:

  • Only target group HHs (poor HHs with focus on SC/ST HHs) are covered
  • Total number of HHs per village/hamlet is roughly 5.

With these criteria, the breakup of sample by social group was as follows:

  • SC HHs: 42
  • ST HHs: 24
  • OBC HHs: 29
  • Other (General category) HHs: 5

Note: Due to focus on target group, social composition of sample is different from social composition of target villages/hamlets.

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