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Kol Tribals Detect Climate Change

February 2009 Edition

For as long as they can recall, Kol tribals in the Chitrakut district of Uttar Pradesh, depended on the forest for food and livelihood. The jungle was an old and trusted friend yielding nutritious mahua, anvla and chiraunji

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Water Wise: The Journey from Bonded Labourers to Water Warriors

Impoverished tribals (bonded labour) living in Bundelkhand (one of the most drought-prone and backward area of Northern India) show how barren and deserted land can be revived and made into a fertile land by simply working unitedly.

The Bundelkhand

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Between Floods and Drought

An oppressive socio-economic system, deteriorating environment, fickle weather patterns and wrong priorities on the part of the government together ensure an endless cycle of disasters for the people of Bundelkhand.

Providing relief to the parched

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Mining mafia active in Vindhyachal in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh's Vindhyachal range, long known for its natural environs, has now come under grave threat due to widespread illegal mining.

Hundreds of acres of fertile land have been rendered barren due to illegal mining. The farmers have given up

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Loot in Employment Guarantee Scheme Exposed

A social audit organised in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh has exposed large scale loot in rural employment guarantee scheme. This social audit and public hearing were organised by a women's organisation 'Chingari' and 'Akhil Bhartiya Samaj

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Banda: The Worst Sufferer of Environmental Changes

If you are a Bandaist and if you feel for your environment then this article will be an eye-opener for you. The 21st century has brought us new challenges specially in the form of natural calamities and disasters. Our District Banda, no doubt, is

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Hunger, Thirst and Indebtedness - Bundelkhand’s Deepening Agro-Ecological Crisis

A Consolodated Report of Four Blocks

Mainstream, Vol XLV, No. 24, June 2, 2007

In recent times mass distress of the people in Bundelkhand region (Uttar Pradesh), as manifested in alarming levels of hunger and malnutrition, water shortages and

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Another Vidarbha

Even as policymakers and the media exult in India's growth story, it was left for the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to bare a few skeletons, literally speaking. According to NHRC, there have been 100 suicides and hunger deaths in just two

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Acute Distress in Bundelkhand

If anyone wants to see how much publicised government schemes function in actual practice, then Jagannathpur hamlet in Itwa panchayat (Manikpur block of Banda district, UP) can give plenty of evidence of the vast difference between rhetoric and

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Village 'Dole' Takes Baby Steps Amid Apathy, Graft

New Delhi, 6 August

Work became a Constitutional right of every citizen in rural India the day Parliament passed the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in 2005. It has been six months since the Centre began implementing the programme in

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