Every time we look to the village, we found the small cottage, the children playing in the streets with long hairs, wearing dirty and torn cloths, a group of youth sitting in the corner playing cards and smoking, women on the hand pump in a que fighting with each other to get water first, a father abusing his son for not going to Delhi to earn money etc.

But how many times we tried to know the reason behind all these problems?

This document belongs to one of the same village of Adivasi families namely Saur Adivasi. To prepare this document exercise was done by the community and the organization, in which we have tried to show the mirror image of the village. Different type of maps has been used to analyze the actual situation of the village. By doing these exercise we have identified several problems of the village. Micro planning of the village is done to address their problems. In which we have shown the root cause of their problems and also given their remedies that these problems can be sorted out.

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