The Lar Panchayat is located in the Tikamgarh district of MP which is among the most backward districts in Bundelkhand. The panchayat comprises the main village and 7 hamlets surrounding it. Most of the hamlets are homogeneous in terms of caste.

The area seems to be extremely conservative; there is a high degree of social stratification. Despite a few improvements and upward mobility among some OBCs, several medieval customs such as domination of upper castes and gender based segregation continue. The gender ratio is poor, this could be caused by neglect of nutritional and health needs of girls (over and above foeticide and infanticide).

The quality of land is generally poor and mildly sloping with rocky/sandy red soil in most parts; high quantity of irrigation is required. Fishing also provides some income; the large lakes are not properly harnessed for irrigation. Forest cover has fallen sharply and consequently income from forest produce has almost vanished. The area experiences extremes of temperature; rainfall is moderate but erratic and highly concentrated. Hail and frost occasionally destroy the rabi crop.

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